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A fasting diet  can regenerate  pancreas
                              and  help reverse diabetes
A study put diabetic mice  on a
        type of  "fasting-mimicking diet"
   It was  like  the human form of the diet :
    -  a  5 day  low protein,  low-carb
                          but  high unsaturated-fat diet
    -  followed by 25 days of "eat what you want"
The study found  the fasting-mimicking diet :
    -  regenerated  insulin-producing cells
                               in the pancreas  of the mice
    -  helped control  their blood sugar
    -  reversed the progression  of both
                            Type 1  and  Type 2  diabetes
People are advised not to try this
                                     without medical advice
Fasting diet 'regenerates
                                diabetic pancreas'
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