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U.S. Imports of organic grain  are depressing
                  the  domestic organic crops' prices
In 2016,  Turkey's exports of organic corn
         increased 300%  to  400,000 metric tons
          -  and  its soybean exports rose 800%
  Ukraine,  Argentina,  Romania,  &  India are
      other key suppliers of organic food to U.S.
Some U.S. organic farmers complain  that
         foreign farms have an edge  because
             they are subject to looser oversight
  There have been cases of foreign farms
        not adhering to  U.S. organic standards
                      and  instances of fraud  as well
  U.S. farmers want USDA  to increase
         scrutiny of organic operations in
           Turkey  &  Eastern European countries
Organic Food Sales Are Booming;
       American Farmers Crying Foul?
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