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Keri Young was 19 weeks pregnant
                 when her ultrasound revealed
      -  her unborn child  didn't have a brain
      -  the baby would die  within hours of birth
But  in less then a minute,
      Keri  decided to carry the  baby  full-term
   The baby,  named Eva   will be born in May
    -  her parents will  donate  Eva's
                kidneys,  liver  and  heart valves
                                 to  save many other lives
    -  her lungs  may be donated for research
In a Facebook post,  Keri's husband said
    -  he had never seen such a strong wife
    -  even in the worst moments of her life,
                 she thought of  someone else' pain
   It was his  most powerful experience ever
Mom to carry baby without brain to
                    full term to donate organs
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