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On Feb. 21,  UPS  successfully tested a
            truck-launched drone delivery system
       -  the drone  could  fly for 30 min.
       -  carry parcels  weighing up to 10 lbs
   UPS will use  truck-drone-delivery on
            rural routes  where stops are far-away
F.e.  On  a triangular delivery route  :
       -  the truck-driver hand-delivers  to
                the lower-left address  on the route
       -  the drone meanwhile auto-delivers
                     to the   top-address  on the route
       -  the truck  reaches  the 3rd address
                   and  the drone returns to the truck
Van-top drones will increase efficiency :
    -  deliveries to nearby homes can be fast
    -  fewer driver miles can  save  $50 M / yr
UPS tested launching a drone
                    from a truck for deliveries
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