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In 2003,  CIA had abducted  Abu Omar,
                      a suspected terrorist,  in Italy
                                      and  sent him to Egypt
    -  it was done under  the  U.S. gov's
                  Extraordinary Rendition program
    In 2009,  Italian courts  convicted
                 the 26 CIA agents  in absentia
                           and  issued arrest warrants
Sabrina de Sousa  was one of the CIA agents
   After leaving CIA,  she moved to Portugal
                               to be close to her relatives
   Because of the Italian warrant,  Portugal
     arrested her  & began extradition process
On Feb. 21,  a Portuguese court ruled that
               Ms. de Sousa be extradited to Italy
                             to serve a prison term there
Ex-CIA Agent Loses Appeal
    Against Extradition in Kidnap Case
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