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The  "Spousal visa minimum income"  rule
        in  U.K  requires
        a  Britisher to earn  at least  £18,600
            to get their foreign spouse  to the U.K.
    -  Irene Clennell,  53,  a Singaporean
                         is the latest victim of this rule
Irene had been living in the U.K. for 27 yrs
                                    with her British husband
   Her husband fell ill  in 2015  and
                     lives only on sickness benefits
         His earnings aren't enough
                              to sponsor Irene's visa
         Hence  on Feb. 26,
                she was deported to Singapore
      -  An example of how  ill-defined policies
                   can tear families apart  &  ruin lives
Woman deported to Singapore
      after living in UK for almost 30 yrs
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