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Netherland's  lower house of the parliament
                                        is called  Tweed Kamer
            There are 150 seats in Tweed Kamer
In the  "proportional representation" system:
   when a voter  votes in for a candidate,
           the vote goes to the  candidate's party
   A party's share of
          the total votes cast in the country,
            determines the  number of seats
                    that party gets  in Tweed Kamer
   If a party gets  1/2  i.e.  50% of the vote,
                          it gets  1/2  of  150  =  75 seats
   If a party gets  1/150  i.e.  0.67% of the vote,
                            it gets  1/150  of  150  =  1 seat
A party  or  a coalition of parties  that has
    76  or more seats,  forms the government
A guide to the
            Netherlands' big  election
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