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4000 yrs ago,  in late stages of extinction,
 -  a last few woolly mammoths  lived on
                        Wrangel Island  in Arctic Ocean
Researchers analysed the DNA of
                   a mammoth  from Wrangel Island
    -  and  compared it with the DNA of
             a mammoth from 45,000 years ago,
                when they had large populations
                         in North America  and  Siberia
They found excessive bad gene mutations
               in  the mammoth from 4,000 yrs ago
Wracked with genetic disease,  
    those last mammoths had probably
     lost their sense of smell,  become loners
                        and  had strange shiny satin fur
That  'genetic meltdown'  was
                 the final stage of their extinction
DNA clues to why woolly
                    mammoth died out
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